Rehydrating the City of London

The City of London was built around natural watercourses; people depended on them for living, working and transport. Over the course of history, the River Thames and its tributaries have been tamed and restricted as the city has expanded. Many tributaries, such as the River Fleet, have been built over completely and integrated with London’s Victorian sewer system. Hundreds of public drinking fountains and wells are no longer sources of water and the number of plastic bottles of water consumed in the UK is around 15 million a day. The project proposes a monument to clean drinking water through reinstating the River Fleet. Along the river’s course, the monument provides two basic needs for life; water and shelter. A curious landscape of filtration purifies both surface and river water to rehydrate the lost fountains, whilst also providing a riverbank retreat for the residents of the city. The building acts as a sponge, absorbing the water and filtering it through channels and reservoirs within the structure itself.

One thought on “Rehydrating the City of London

  1. hollyjean , your work is truly innovative , soft curves and textures pleasing to the eye..
    Great ideas . Well executed , Your one to watch!!! J

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