BBC Garden Design of the Year Finalist

In April 2014, Helen Reid and l were finalists in the BBC’s Garden Design of the Year competition. The prize was £45,000 to build the winning design at Hampton Court Flower Show 2014.

Once shortlisted to 3 entries, we had to present our design to 3 judges at the RHS Flower Show Cardiff. The winner was announced live on The One Show at the end of April.

Judges: Dave Green, Adam Frost, Christine Walkden

The Silk Weaver’s Garden

Inspired by Anna Maria Garthwaite and the silk weavers of Spitalfields, our garden brings the fantasy of the highly decorative and vivid silks alive.

Fournier street was the home to Huguenot silk weavers who came over from France and brought the tricks of the trade with them. They produced beautiful fabrics that set themselves apart from France through the use of not only the flowers, but the stems, roots, seeds and fruits of all types of plants. Plants of different seasons collided on the fabric in an explosion of colour and texture.

The loom, the weavers tool for creating these beautiful fabrics, allows the threads to be woven together. In the same way, the twisting route of the threads in our garden weaves between the planting, and the flowers leap from the threads bringing the loom alive.

When you are in the silk weavers garden you will feel like you are in the mind of a silk weaver, amongst a wonderful landscape of colour and texture.

Each side of the threads creates two distinct planting types; on one side you have the collision of vivid, bright and colourful flowers, which represents the right side of the fabric, and in contract on the ‘wrong’ side which has more subdued colours and textures is represented by monochrome shade loving plants.


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